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Affiliate marketing with amazon | Get a free amazon affiliate website

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Free Amazon Affiliate Websites|Affiliate marketing with amazon

Hi Frankie ” The Regular Dude” here and I would personally like to welcome you to and affiliate marketing with amazon.
I hope you join me in becoming an online affiliate marketer. I will be providing many valuable tips
and insider training on many ways to be successful as an affiliate or Internet marketer.

The only difference is that unlike those “guru’s” you hear about or see tons of emails from
I only try to provide accurate info to my subscribers on products and services that I use
myself and tools that actually benefit the average homebased biz or affiliate newbie.

This is just step one of many opportunities that will be presented and I will always be taking request and advice from fellow Internet marketers both new and experienced. I look forward to reviewing many programs and finding out which ones work and the ones that don’t. I will post any updates from my reviews as well as those of my members.

My goal is to have a place right here where we can all make post and discuss opportunities that will help us succeed online as affiliate marketers and offline marketers too.

So please take a look around and keep coming back as we will have new and fresh Ideas for all our members to take advantage of.

regards Affiliate marketing with amazon | Get a free amazon affiliate website

FRANKIE * Don’t forget to check the links section above to view demo sites*

The” REGULAR DUDE” that’s into internet marketing.

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3 Comments to “Affiliate marketing with amazon | Get a free amazon affiliate website”

  1. Barbara Fitchitt says:

    Thank you, Frankie. I’ve never met anyone as right on, no bs, ready & willing to genuinely extend his hand & talent/experience without any qualifications or written questionnaire, or some other blah, blah, blah. How could I resist? I’ll do my best, and I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  2. Larry East says:

    Hello Frankie,

    Above is my info and thanks for your help, I need it. :-) , I’m a 76 year old great grandfather, trying to make some extra retirement income on here, so any help is welcomed.


    Larry East

  3. Robert Schollenberger says:

    Hi Frankie: Amazon may be the mmost trusted place to be but unfortunately the State of Il does not think so as they will not let us run a business affiliated with Amazon. I do not understand this and off hand it seems unconstitutional. Just thought I would let you know.

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